Learning Expedition


Learning Expedition  

Learning Expedition is a secular homeschooling support group that meets in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

We accept families of any race, life philosophy, and lifestyle. 

We are a diverse group with no over-arching educational philosophy, and we strive to create an accepting, open homeschooling community.

If you are interested in meeting some of our families, we encourage you to visit us at one of our park days, every Tuesday. 


Scott.Hermanson@gmail.com to learn our times and location.

New Family Park Day

Tuesday, October 4

Chesnutt Park, Scottsdale

    Granite Reef Road, just north of Camelback Road

1:00 - 4:00 pm

It’s time to kick-off 8 months of perfect weather. 

Learning Expedition park days begin with a welcome to all our new families interested in joining our group.  Join us for an afternoon of food, conversation and chaotic running around. It’s a chance to meet the families that have been in Learning Expedition and find out what we offer as a homeschooling support group.

There’s a small parking lot at Chesnutt Park: if that is full, on street parking is available in the neighborhood west of the park.